Winter care for dogs pets

Pets need grooming in winter season too!

Even in the winter season, we need to keep our pets groomed. Many pet owners decide to skip grooming during the winter months, thinking baths aren’t important when dogs spend so much time indoors. However, pet experts at Canine Company say grooming during mid-winter is especially important for pets’ health and wellbeing. “When heating systems are running […]


CRY Launches Campaign To Help Indian Kids

New Delhi, February 10, 2016: CRY – Child Rights and You, a leading child rights NGO in India, have launched the “Joy of Five” campaign across the country to ensure children in the age group of 2-5 years have access to their basic rights and get a fair chance at a happy and healthy childhood. The […]


Jaguar needs help, is under threat: Animal Activists

California, February 9, 2016: A trail camera video of America’s only known wild jaguar is attracting widespread media and focusing attention on the direct threat to the survival of this endangered predator by the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine. The video clips taken by the Center for Biological Diversity and Conservation CATalyst show the jaguar prowling through mountain woodlands […]

These are world’s cruelest animal attractions

New York, February 3, 2016: A groundbreaking study has found that three out of four wildlife tourist attractions involve some form of animal abuse or conservation concerns, as revealed by World Animal Protection. World Animal Protection believes at least 550,000 wild animals are suffering at the hands of irresponsible tourist attractions around the world. This evidence […]

Kimono Comes to New York Fashion Week!

New York, February2, 2016: A fashion show featuring authentic Kimono is presented by Hiromi Asai at the Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station (360 West 33rd St, New York, NY) at 1pm on February 16, 2016.Hiromi Asai Fall/Winter 2016 Women’s Collection is the world’s first Kimono fashion show at New York Fashion Week. The details can […]