Adhyayen and Shekhar Suman speak up on Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut spat

Actor Adhyayen Suman, the ex-boyfriend of Kangana Ranaut is a relieved man as he tweeted ‘Truth Prevails’ after Hrithik Roshan appeared on an interview with Arnab Goswami. When a fan wondered that he would be a relieved man today, Adhyayen said that ‘truth that’s all I care about.’

His father, Shekhar Suman also spoke out on Hrithik Kangana controversy and tagging Hrithik in one of his tweets issued a series saying:

As long as conscience is ur friend,never mind about your enemies. Truth is like a rock, steady n sturdy.Lie is like a pebble which will be crushed in time to come but the rock wd be there now n 4ever!The hard thing is that..even though u already caught them lying.. they still make excuses to prove their lies are true.One truth destroys a billion lies! Truth is quiet n dignified..lie, loud n ill -behaved.

Adhyayen had accused Kangana of indulging in black magic last year after Hrithik and Kangana alleged romance hit the limelight. Hrithik has denied any romantic involvement with Kangana. However, Rangoli, Kangana’s sister is not taking things lying down and is busy attacking everyone who is speaking against Kangana. She attacked Karan Johar and Sonam Kapoor for backing Farhan Akhtar who sided with Hrithik on the controversy. On Farhan Akhtar’s take, Karan Johar commented: “Beautifully written Farhan….it’s important…it’s true!” Karan Johar was earlier smarting against Kangana’s war on ‘nepotism’ in the industry while Sonam Kapoor is a rival who too backed Farhan Akhtar calling his take “Well written and very fair Farhan. I concur.”

Hrithik vs Kangana: Farhan Akhtar speaks out on ‘stalking’ controversy

Rangoli who had called Hrithik a ‘creep’ and alleged that he released Kangana’s nude pics called them out for their support to Hrithik and boasted that “Haha even if entire industry stands against her she will still survive because she is the chosen one. Dear @karanjohar and @sonamakapoor nice to see how much a gaon wali non English speaking mountain girl has ruffled so many feathers….Dear @FarOutAkhtar your views could’ve been appreciated if you and your father were not so biased to Roshans. Here are her tweets: