Aishwarya goes purple for her pout and social media goes nuts!

Aishwarya, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, purple, Cannes, 2016

New York, May 16, 2016: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may be playing a de-glam avatar in her movie Sarbjit, but she is getting more and more fashionably edgy, no more unwilling to play it safe or trying hard to please the fashion critics.

She is our own goddess of beauty and grace and whatever she does, hardly ever makes a fan turn his back on her.

But yes there are some great postings on what people think about her purple pout. Like some appreciated Aishwarya!

While some didn’t like that Aishwarya had it easy!

Some saw Aishwarya as gutsy!

And some who only saw humour in her purple frosty pout!

At least at the Cannes 2016, Aishwarya had played it well and was every bit the dream that she is! Her poise, her style and her grace were spot on, but with the purple stunt, it became somewhat controversial and very edgy for the fashion back at her home country. However, one thing that people are wondering about is her eye make-up. Many feel that she is overdoing her eyes, right from her first day at Cannes!

This overdoing the eyes is actually giving her a very heavy make-up laden look which she does not need considering the beauty she is! It is in this department that Sonam Kapoor scores extremely high; her make-up is to the point, seems to be just kissing, not enveloping her skin and her personality and actually adds to her beauty; in Aishwary’s case, the make-up is too overpowering!

Perhaps, her make-up artist seeing a perfect face are at loss as to what to do, to make her look ‘more beautiful’ than what she is, an advice, just go easy! She is ‘beautiful’ even without make-up! So don’t sweat and fret, just do a little and leave her to work her magic. To win hearts, her simple smile, with or without the purple, is enough.