This lawmaker moved a bill against masturbation!

Masturbation, pregnancy termination, sperms, unborn children, Texas, USA, Jessica Farrar

Jessica Farrar’s unusual take on how she sees restrictions on women and their right to their own bodies has created a furor in the USA.

Farrar is a female Democratic politician and a member of Texas House of Representatives and she has recently presented House Bill 4260 a couple of days back.

Ready to pay fine for masturbation?

This bill targets male masturbation and the aim is to protect the unborn children everywhere. The bill calls for a fine of up to the tune of $100 if the sperm emissions (masturbation) take place outside of a woman’s vagina, or created outside of a health or a medical facility. The bill came out in response to the excessive restrictions on women in Texas if they desire to undergo an abortion.


If the man still made such an emission (masturbation) then it would be “be considered an act against an unborn child” as per the bill.

Did it sound like a modern day Lysistrata where women take it on themselves to bring the men to see sense?


It is very similar to that but unlike in Lysistrata, the chances of winning here are very slim.

However, her move to make a point on behalf of women is enough to earn her a standing ovation: