Arbaaz Khan is angry at media, and he is right!

Arbaaz Khan divorce Malaika Arora Khan truth

Mumbai, February 18, 2016: He is an actor, he is a director and he has the surname, he is the ‘Khan’ from the ‘Khan-daan.’

Brother of Salman Khan, and son of Salim Khan, Arbaaz has made his own destiny with his hard work. That he is married to a gorgeous Indian actress, Malaika Arora Khan is another reason why people find him to be a rather lucky man who probably has it all!

So he should be happy and content with his life? But no, these days Arbaaz is having a tough time and the reason for his woes is the endless curiosity that media has subjected him to over his allegedly ‘strained’ relationship with his wife Malaika.

Here is what he wrote on his Twitter handle:

Arbaaz Khan Divorce Malaika Arora Khan


Curiosity is a mild word if one can read even a little of what is being written about her vacations abroad, we can call it sheer character assassination and a deliberate attempt on the part of certain media professionals who callously write anything without thinking about the person in question or his feelings at all.

Arbaaz is a sport, you can see him as an affable person in his several stints on television, be it for some reality shows or even when he comes down for movie promotions.

But surely there is a limit to the intrusion he can permit from the peeping Toms and would want some bit of respect, not as a star, but as a human at least from the media while they rip apart his private life.

To be honest, that is completely fair on the part of Arbaaz Khan and we all need to respect him.

But in case he wants, the help is at hand too, just ring up the big brother Salman Khan, somehow he knows how to ‘manage’ the media oh-so-very-easily!