Mahesh Babu: Will our daughters ever be safe?

New Delhi, September 16, 2021: Actor Mahesh Babu has expressed anger over the sexual assault and murder of a 6-year old girl in the Singareni Colony, Hyderabad.

The body was found last Friday and the locals are enraged over the incident.

As the protests continue online and offline, several personalities, including Mahesh Babu who is a father of two himself, expressed his grief over the incident said:

The heinous crime against the 6-year old in Singareni Colony is a reminder of how far we have fallen as a society. “Will our daughters ever be safe?”, is always a lingering question! Absolutely gut-wrenching.. Cannot imagine what the family is going through! I urge the authorities to ensure swift action and deliver justice to the child and her family!

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