Mohenjo Daro trailer: It’s all about Hrithik!

Mohenjo Daro, trailer, Hrithik, Pooja Hegde, Ashutosh Gowarikar

New Delhi, June 21, 2016: Mohenjo Daro trailer is out and it has Hrithik all over it. It was earlier thought that movie would be more on the lines of Jodhaa Akbar, i.e. it would be a real piece of history, but it is a fictional work.

The movie is releasing on  August 12 this year and stars a fresh face Pooja Hegde, who incidentally has already caught the eye of KRK.

Mohenjo Daro is is directed by Ashutosh Gowariker and speaks of the pre-historic Indus Valley, in 2016 BC, when the evil greed of a man is about to destroy one of the oldest cities in the ancient world, Mohenjo Daro.

A young indigo farmer, Sarman, enters the city and meets Chaani, the daughter of the Priest, predicted to be the Origin of a New Society. Sarman, in his attempt to win Chaani’s love, uncovers the secrets nobody was ever supposed to know – about Chaani, about Mohenjo Daro and about his own past!

Mohenjo Daro claims to be a story of an ancient love and past, present and future!

The movie shows Hrithik in typical lover boy-stuntsman-honest avatar, much like Krrish, except that in this case he won’t have any superpowers to save the greatest ancient civilisations of all times!

In short, it is typical Hrithik Roshan moview except that here he has again teamed up with Ashutosh and has Pooja by his side rather than Aishwarya.

Pooja Hegde’s look has already been criticised by historians who pointed out grave mistakes in the way she has been dressed up and that is something that can be expected when the movie is assumed to have some ‘historical’ significance. But now since it is clear that it is a one-man mission movie which is only set in that time and has nothing else to do with Mohenjo Daro, the great civilisation, hence, everyone can take a breath and simply enjoy another of Hrithik movie!