Randeep Hooda loves horses, even the ‘broken’ ones

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Randeep Hooda loves horses and he does not just fancy the fit ones only. The Bollywood hunk recently penned down his thoughts on the issue and his words show his considerate self.

Following is the post of Randeep Hooda and no changes have been made by us:

Many have advised me to get fancy, trained and fit horses from abroad and win medals. I have never been attracted to the idea. What’s the victory then? The immense satisfaction comes from the challenge of nursing the broken (mentally and physically) horses (beings) and watching them make a come back to their glory of being the proud beings that the universe had intended them to be.

Randeep Hooda speaks up on trolling Kargil martyr’s daughter!

Dream Girl, my first mare (female) came to me last year with a hip problem and an undetectable pain in the front right leg. She had lost her confidence and become very spooky and used to shiver with fear. After consulting Dr Pheroz Khambata and analysing locomotion. I put her on rehabilitation exercises much like human athletes. As in my riding skills, so in my self designed physiotherapy, a lot of it comes from the net (YouTube). Many weeks of that led to a lot of relief so that one could get on her back and start re schooling her. Many a times my heart was in my mouth and an automatic prayer on my lips when she reacted to something on the ground and was mostly on two legs (front or back). The thought that I might not be able to walk out of this in one piece, if at all, crossed my mind numerous times, often on my back in the dirt looking at the sky above. Foolhardiness has held me in good stead in my life, career and sport I guess. I kept getting back on. Courage, I guess, is fear held on a moment longer. She refused to jump small crosses and threw a fit seeing jumps even lying around in the ground not even meant for her.

Needless to say, I survived (barring a few tears and cracks). I competed with her as my partner in crime at the recently concluded Bombay Horse Show at the Amateur Riders’ Club located at The Mahalaxmi Race Course. Months of therapy and hours practice (conversation) held us in good stead and we as a combination won two Golds and one silver (Rommel and i reluctantly beat her to it 😊)
One of the biggest life lessons reiterated by my Dream Girl is, fall eight times and get up nine. With a little love, some nursing, a lot of encouragement and the single mindedness of purpose, one can achieve the impossible.Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda loves horses becomes clear with it! But today the actor lent his voice for the cause of saving Kulbhushan Jadhav as well. Today Randeep Hooda told Pakistan to not make another Sarabjit:

But Randeep Hooda is hopeful and has faith in the leadership of India:

So we do have someone in Bollywood, who does not shy away from showing love for fellow Indians.