Can you wear a nose ring this big?

nose ring Meera Rautela

A nose ring adds beauty to a woman’s face. That’s not at all debatable for some fashionistas who abide by this accessory to add sheen to their beauty!

We Indians too have been wearing the rose ring for ages.

But in recent times, we have seen girls wearing very small nose rings. They are light in weight and mostly hassle-free, so they are perfect for most modern working girls.

We were content, but then Urvashi Rautela shared a bomb.

She shared a picture of her mother Mira Rautela wearing what she called a ‘traditional 95 yr old Nath of our beautiful Rautela family.’

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Meera Rautela’s Nath is ‘goals!’

She also basked in the glory of this huge and yet tasteful Nath (Indian name for nose ring) and welcomed the fans into the ‘opulent world of the Rautela’s and their extraordinarily rich culture thought their jewels.’

Got to say that the Indian nose ring looks amazing on her mom’s face but its a challenge to wear it in today’s time. So we will just admire from a distance! But Meera Rautela, you are a rockstar!

Urvashi Rautela looks sultry in these pictures!