Raju Srivastava has a question on WhatsApp and ‘Halala’ (video)

WhatsApp, Raju Srivastava, comedy video, Halala, Nirbhaya Gangrape case verdict

Raju Srivastava, the ace comedian, has a question for those who use WhatsApp. He wants to know that what one should do if someone leaves a WhatsApp group but wants to come back. He wondered if there is something like the Halala for WhatsApp as well!

His point is clear as people join several WhatsApp groups but leave soon and this is a common complaint of many admins of such groups. But Halala is often also claimed to be anti-Muslim women practice. Although hidden, Halala is still practiced in India and many women have claimed to be its victim.

In another development, Raju Srivastava also hailed the Supreme Court verdict of awarding death sentence to the rapists of Nirbhaya whose molestation shook India. He said that with this Nirbhaya would finally be able to rest in peace and that the judgment of the Supreme Court must be applauded.

In his post he said:

Aaj Nirbhaya kee aatma ne shanti ki saans Lee hogi. Doshiyon ko phansi par chadhaane ke Supreme Court ke is faisale ki jitanee bhi tareef ki jaye, kam hai.

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