Journalist quits Republic TV, claims agenda to vilify Rhea Chakraborty drove her

Republic TV, resignation, Sushant Singh Rajput, Arnab Goswami, Rhea Chakraborty

New Delhi, September 9, 2020: Is Rhea Chakraborty being vilified?

A journalist named Shantasree Sarkar says that she quit Republic TV for ethical reasons and cites allegations on Rhea Chakraborty as the tipping point.

She says that she would like to throw light upon the aggressive agenda being run by the channel which she says is trying to ‘vilify’ Rhea Chakraborty.

The journalist claims that in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death mystery, she was asked to take out details of everything but not the ‘truth.’

She claims that in her investigation, sources close to both families agreed Sushant Singh Rajput was suffering from depression and then adds that of course, this ‘didn’t suit the Republic agenda.’

The journalist says that she was asked to investigate the financial angle in the case, the account details of Rhea’s father were accessed, which didn’t get remotely linked to the agenda of the siphoning of late Sushant’s money for their two flats.

Then she says that she witnessed what transpired, in her words:

‘My colleagues started harassing any random people who visited Rhea’s apartment, didn’t even give up on asking uncomfortable questions to police & random delivery boys. They thought shouting and pulling a woman’s cloth will make them relevant in the channel!

She also says that she was punished for not bringing out biased stories by making me work round the clock as a punishment. I worked for 72 hours straight without rest.

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The reporter says that whoever is a hardcore Sushant Singh Rajput fan, must remember, consuming drugs with her boyfriend isn’t the charge, labeled by the family. It’s murder and siphoning of funds, which are still being investigated.

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Rhea Chakraborty is being investigated in the Sushant Singh death mystery presently.