Sunny Leone Looks Smoking Hot in TVF’s Barely Speaking With Arnub Dwitiya

Sunny Leone

Arnub is back with the second season of TVF’s Barely Speaking With Arnub Dwitiya, and in its very first episode, he invited the sultry Sunny Leone on his show. And we are not complaining 🙂

The episode isn’t available on YouTube as of now, but fans can watch the comedy show on TVF Play app. If you haven’t already downloaded the app, now may be a good time.

Apart from the initial laughs due to the lovable InternJeet, the show was devoid of any good humor, giving the sense that the earlier episodes were far better. Confusing Sunny Leone for Sunny Deol is not funny! That is, in plain speak, a childish comedy which sours the taste.

The 14:25 min episode has Arnub discussing brain drain with Sunny Leone. The episode starts with him praising Sunny for coming back to India from Canada, even gets a ‘Rakhi’ tied on his wrist from her, but as soon as he realizes that she is in India for work, and not to make it better, he flips out. The entire show was fairly predictable to those who have been following the series. Whether a better topic could have been chosen is open to debate, but it becomes very clear after the first few minutes that it is going to get boring.

If you are looking for some humor, this isn’t the episode. If you are looking for glamor, this definitely is!




Sunny Leone rocked her red dress with confidence and ease. The off-shoulder dress perfectly complimented her shiny, textured hair. She is a treat to watch throughout the episode. But that is something you can always expect from this fashionista.

The second episode of Barely Speaking With Arnub Dwitiya is expected to be better, considering the low bar it has set now.