Bigg Boss 2 Telugu host Nani says he is impartial

Actor Nani, who is hosting the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu, is impartial and has no soft corner for any participant. In a statement, despite being told not to react by his team, he said that this would be the only reply people would get and that too for the first and the last time. Case in point is that of Bigg Boss 2 contestant  Kaushal, whose fans are kicking up a storm saying Nani was rude to him. Nutan Naidu’s eviction is also being blamed on Nani. On Tuesday, Nani took to Twitter to say what he felt on the issue:

“Logged in to share something nice with all of you and I saw few of ur replies regarding BB .. the team believes that I need not reply but how can I not 🙂 So here’s my last and only reply regarding the show. I am sorry guys if some of you here feel so. but you need to know that you all watch from your point of view and want your favourite housemate to be treated very especially every single time and I shouldn’t be doing that as a host and give everyone an equal chance from my side. Because you like someone, you might not like it when I am neutral to everyone because you already have your favourite and connect with him or her so you might feel that others getting an equal chance is me being biased. But trust me, every single one in there is equal to me and we all know that the best one will win in the end with all your support. Regarding voting and eliminations… you really think I have a say in it? Ok then… I leave it up to you 🙂 Everything I do as an actor or a host is to give you the best. In the end, my conscience should be clear and it is crystal clear. Hate me or love me you all are my extended family and it does affect me when you misunderstand. But will it bring me down? No. I will try to do even better. Love, Nani.”
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