Kapil Sharma in another controversy?

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Kapil Sharma, ever since his fight with Sunil Grover, has become a major target for adventurous reporting!

Just the other day we saw news floating around that singer Armaan Malik along with his brother Amaal Mallik left the show as they were angry with Kapil Sharma. But now the singer Amaal has clarified that is is not true.

In a statement on the controversy surrounding Kapil Sharma, the singer even slammed those who are trying to bring the show down:

Just saw a few articles about me and my brother leaving the Kapil Sharma Show from the sets. It’s totally wrong and bul****.

Let me just clarify – I was not supposed to go to the Kapil Sharma Show. I was in Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) for a show at the time and Amaal did not attend it because he had an important meeting. All this was conveyed by our management to the people concerned at the show.

Stupid how people make controversies and try to bring #KapilSharma down.

He is a very talented artist and me & Amaal Mallik had an amazing time the last time we were on the show.

A kind request to the Media – Please find better news to publish rather than making stupid stories and trying to tarnish a man’s image.

Love and Peace always ✌🏼
Onwards and upwards, no looking back.

Hopefully, this clarification would put an end to this controversy and The Kapil Sharma Show would continue to entertain the viewers!