Mukesh Khanna again slams Ekta Kapoor tells her to respect Indian Army (Video)

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New Delhi, June 10, 2020: In yet another scathing attack, actor Mukesh Khanna has taken to task Ekta Kapoor and told her to respect the Indian Army. This is despite the fact that he shares good relations with Bollywood superstar of the ’60s and 70’s Jitendra, Ekta’s father.

In a video that has already garnered more than 1,40,000 views on YouTube, the much loved ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ of Mahabharat has also taken to task the vulgarity that is prevalent on OTT platforms. He also said that the government takes no interest and there is no Censor Board either to stop the vulgar macabre prevalent on OTT platforms.

He also mentioned Hindustan Bhau for registering his displeasure against Ekta Kapoor’s series.

Mukesh Khanna had earlier lashed out at Ekta Kapoor for changing Maharishi Ved Vyas’s Mahabharat.

He had then said that had Ekta would have tried to do the same with the historic literature of another community, then it would simply lead to bloodbath.

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