Rohit and Ronit Roy speak out against pet pooping on streets

New Delhi, June 1, 2021: Let’s say it! People walking their pets never bother to clean up after their animals are done. And Rohit Roy and Ronit Roy are literally the first of our celebs to be voicing against such irresponsible behavior of such pet owners.

In a tweet Rohit Bose Roy tweeted:

All our dear celebs seeing ‘walking their pets’ look so cool n classy in their perfect ‘walk the pet’ attire… never seen any of them carrying a plastic bag though. Wonder who picks up the shit once their babies are done?!?

Well, who else but Ronit Bose Roy, replied:

Puraani aadat hai logon ki, to leave behind a mess for others to clean up. (This is an old habit of society, to leave behind the mess for others to clean up).

The fact is that it is the humble ground-level sweepers who have to sweat extra hard for our celeb pet owners’ and common folks’ pets.


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