Coronavirus: Viral video shows Hindus denied and insulted during food ration distribution

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It is often the case that people come together in the time of pandemic like we are facing now, the coronavirus. But not in Bangladesh’s Sylhet (Balaganj to be precise) where a Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) cadre named Kamrul Islam refused to give food to the same Hindus from whom he asks for votes otherwise.

Kamrul Islam of the BNP distributed the food ration after Friday Muslim prayers but when the local Hindus also lined up, he and his men told them that the Hindus should not come there and told them to leave the place.

This video came to light on Saturday after the insult went viral.

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Chitra Paul, a Human Rights activist based in Sweden, condemned the unfairness of the BNP man especially during a deadly pandemic like Coronavirus and said that such incidents should not happen.

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While another activist, on the condition of anonymity, said that nothing else can ever be expected from BNP and asked for Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to look into it.

Hindus have decided to come forward to help those in need under the banner of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajot and distributed ration at Marul Badda Neemtali Das Para in the premise of Dhaka’s Shiva Temple on April 6th. Cash donations to the needy families are also being undertaken by Hindus as the country continues to fight Coronavirus but Kamrul’s act has hurt at a time when unity was most needed, many feel.

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