Jallikattu: Ashwin Ravichandran calls for dialogue as the sport wins mass sport

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Jallikattu, currently banned in Tamil Nadu, today won the support of superstar Kamal Haasan after he said that he is a big fan of the sport and those who hate the sport, calling it cruel, must give up on biryani too.

“If you want a ban on jallikattu, let’s also ban biryani.”

He also said that jallikattu must not be confused with bull-fighting in Spain.

The superstar said that the sport is all about bull taming and not doing physical harm by breaking its horns or other parts which happens in the bull-fighting.

On the last part, Kamal indeed was pointedly right as many animal rights groups in India erroneously, whether out of ignorance or malice, equate this with the Spanish bull-fight, leads to a bloody and painful death of the animal.

The jallikattu supporters want to save the sport as they say that if the farmers will not have any incentive then the indigenous breeds will die out or get sold to slaughterhouses and the inferior foreign breeds will take over. For many, Indian breeds are superior and they do not want this sport to end. Also, since in India bulls and cows are like family hence, the farmers are willing to also understand the charges of cruelty and are happy to regulate the sport so why ban, many ask?

Also, since in India bulls and cows are like family, hence, the farmers are willing to also understand the charges of cruelty and are happy to regulate the sport so why ban, many ask?

Jallikattu also won the support of Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif who told his fans that it is a cultural sport about which his own friends have sung praises of:

BJP leader Tarun Vijay has thrown his full weight behind the sport and termed it one of the festivals of India:

But  Jallikattu is not just culture or sport:

While many are calling it sport, the fact remains that there is a fear that evaporation of the event would doom the existence of the Indian bulls. Jallikattu winner bulls are used for breeding. The fact that no animal rights group has proposed any plans for rehabilitation of the bulls or on how to save them from slaughter has made their stand look weak and merely a publicity gimmick.

In any case, in a country like India, which has been an agrarian one and where even eating beef is taboo and carrying leather bags and purses in Temples can irk people, the charge of cruelty on mere assumptions by the animal NGOs is likely to draw disdain and mockery. Unfortunately, that is what the animal rights groups are getting now.

Ashwin Ravichandran has called for peace on the issue:

While the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister wants the Modi government to promulgate an ordinance immediately for the resumption of the game.

But the biggest win for this traditional Tamil game is the mass support that it won across India with many openly supporting a game that they had only heard of only some time back but still took out time to understand the issue and throw their weight behind.

The animal rights groups may call it all bull**** but the fact remains that they are losing big time.

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