‘Don’t like Azaan, then find another neighbourhood’ (video)

Azaan, Mosque, loudspeaker, Sonu Nigam, CNN News 18,Vivek Agnihotri, Zakka Jacob

Vivek Agnihotri just a while back had said that the Twitter is the best place to identify idiots, but nothing can be farther from the truth than his this very statement! He was on CNN News 18 a while ago and was discussing what Sonu Nigam said about Azaan. It is here that Zakka Jacob, Deputy Executive Editor, CNN-News18, told him to ‘move your house’ if you live near a Mosque on his concern on Azaan sound.

You can watch the news anchor saying the same below:

Vivek said that this makes it clear why the mainstream media is dying slowly. He also demanded answers from the channel boss but as we can see, no explanation came and is unlikely to come. Interestingly, there is dead silence in media over the outrageous statement by the news anchor.

However, while many people believe that the mainstream media is dying or is already dead, yet there is no way or solution to get information. We find journalists moving from channels to digital world but this medium is also likely to be controlled by the same faces! So what choice do the people have? Are we willing to trust social media for everything?

Sonu Nigam questions why he being a non-Muslim should hear Azaan?