Narendra Modi angry at self-styled Gau-rakshaks

Narendra Modi, cow protectors, gau rakshaks, India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today again lashed out at Gau rakshaks while he was at the inauguration ceremony of Telangana’s drinking water programme ‘Mission Bhagiratha.

Narendra Modi warned the audience about ‘fake cow protectors’.

He said:

“I request the state governments to make a list of such fake vigilantes and take stringent action against them. These people do not care about the protection of cows. They just want to create tension in society in the name of cow protection.”

“If you want to attack, attack me, not Dalits. If you want to shoot, shoot me, but stop politics over Dalits said Narendra Modi as he took a strong pitch against Gau rakshaks. 

India is a country full of diversities, different values and traditions and protecting its unity and integrity is our prime responsibility.”

Narendra Modi also said that a ‘handful of people were destroying the social fabric and creating conflict in our society’.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for action against cow protectors when he was having a townhall interaction.He had expressed his anger at the “Gau-rakshaks” (cow-protectors) who “run shops in the name of cow protection,” and urged action against criminals who masquerade as protectors of the cow.

In a unique “townhall” interaction that marked two years of MyGov, – the Government’s web platform for participatory governance – the Prime Minister asked State Governments to prepare a dossier of such people. Mentioning how cows were dying due to plastic consumption, he urged all those who were genuinely concerned about the welfare of cows to devote their efforts to ensuring that cows do not consume plastic.

But Digvijay Singh does not think much of the outburst:

It is clear that Prime Minister was moved at the way Dalit young boys have been treated lately but where would the cow protection movement go from here? This is a question that many are still thinking about. Do let us know your views on the issue.