Pakistan: Non-Muslim? Want food? Embrace Islam (Video)

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By Namta Gupta

New Delhi, May 4th, 2020: In Pakistan, a congratulatory video is going viral in which an Islamic Cleric is expressing joy over the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam during Coronavirus.

The unidentified cleric tells the anchor in the video:

I have good news for you.

I have just received a message that a while ago a non-Muslim went to the Faizan-e-Madina where welfare work is going on and food items were being packed.

By the individual efforts of our brothers in Islam, he has become Muslim reciting Kalma.

He is now Muhammad Ramzan. I was pleased to receive his message that he had Sehri and will have his first fast. This is your Dawah-e-Islami which is giving food and people are becoming believers in Islam with its efforts.

The brothers (in Islam) wherever they go to give food (to non-Muslims), they try to make them Namazis, to impart them deen and make them disciplined in Sunnat. He further says, that why should not we help non-Muslims through Dawah-e-Islami.

Professor Anjum James Paul in a statement to said that due to COVID-19 lockdown, the desperate and the poorest people have to change their religion just for food. He said:

Being the Chairman, Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association I request Dawah Islami Pakistan to avoid the conversion of religion for food. The people who have converted religion in the holy month of Ramadan for food are the most marginalized and the poorest in the poor. Please avoid hurting the religious sentiments of the needy for the sake of food. We appreciate all those who serve humanity without any such motives. Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association requests all such people who give food to the hungry after conversion of religion to avoid such practice. Love and respect humanity without such motives. You know so many non-Islamic countries are helping Pakistan without the demand for conversion of religion.

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