Pakistani Hindus win hearts with this great gesture!

Pakistani Hindus, Lal Chand Rabari, Pakistan, India, Hindu soldier, Pakistan Army

Pakistani Hindus are winning hearts again. A little while back the death of a Hindu soldier working in the Pakistani Army, Lal Chand Rabari, in an operation against terrorists underlined the contribution of the Pakistani Hindus in the nation often in the news for the persecution and subjugation of Hindus and other minorities.

But again, Pakistani Hindus showed love towards their Muslim brethren when the Hindu Community Sanghar organized the first Ramazan Iftar Party at Sanghar, Sindh. The attendance of the large numbers of Muslims showed that they too were happy to be helped!

These pictures were initially shared by Javed Nayab Laghari who is a student activist and a member of Coord’ Committee PSF.


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But some commentators wondered whether the Pakistani Muslims would be able to participate in the festival of the Pakistani Hindus like the Hindus mingled with them on theirs:

While no one answered this question, yet it shows that Hindus have already won many on their side.

A similar incident was also reported from Afghanistan when Hindus and Sikhs celebrated the traditional festival Baisakhi in Jalalabad which local Muslims also attended adding more colors to festivities.