Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tries stressing on her Hindu identity but it backfires

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Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra again got trolled on Twitter on Saturday for wishing Nauroz Mubarak to Kashmiris.

In a tweet, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said: “Nauroz Mubarak to all my Kashmiri sisters and brothers!! Despite my mother’s ‘don’t forget to make the thali’ messages, I had no time to make my thali (plate) yesterday but came home after (a) roadshow and found it placed on the dining table. How sweet are moms?”

She also tweeted this picture of the thali:

But Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was soon taken to task for mixing up a Parsee New Year Nauroz with Kashmiri Hindu’s ‘Navreh.’

Twitter took her to task with tweets like:

It’s #Navreh not #Nauroz.

Navreh is festival of Pandits while Navroz is a festival of Muslims. Nauroz was celebrated last month.

Ma’am you seriously need to change the person who is operating your twitter handle.

While another user wrote:

It’s very nice to be inclusive & Secular. I like you didn’t forget Navroz. But what you are referring to here is ‘Navreh’, the Kashmiri Pandit festival and ‘Navreh thaal’ a Pandit ritual. Anyway, Navreh Mubarak to you too.

But another user pointed out that the pic Priyanka Gandhi Vadra shared pic of aristocratic silver and gold coins. He wrote:

Frazer and Haws silver coin? Wash, that’s very elite. Also, almost definitely a British Gold Sovereign coin… Wonder how many Kashmiris, or how many Amethi people, have one of these lying around.

But the funniest comment came when a user wrote:

Looks like Rahul’s speechwriter doubles up as Priyanka’s cultural advisor.

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