Ram Jethmalani calls Justice Karnan ‘lunatic’

Justice Karnan is giving a hard time to Indian judiciary these days.

After calling the suo motu contempt of court notice issued to him by the Supreme Court an error, the sitting Calcutta High Court judge C.S. Karnan said this Saturday that the order must not be executed.

Justice Karnan has claimed that he is being targeted due to casteism as he comes from the Scheduled Caste group.

He made this statement after a bailable warrant was issued against him on Friday. Justice Karnan has asked for a CBI probe against 7 Supreme Court judges including the current Chief Justice of India J.S. Khehar. His allegations led the Supreme Court to issue a contempt of court notice to him but the Judge has stuck to his words.

But now,  his allegations have aggrieved senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani so much that he wrote an open letter calling his behaviour “that of a lunatic’ and that some day that may be the only defence available to him, although this behavior won’t help him succeed.

93-year old Jethmalani also drew his attention to his seniority and said that as a senior member ‘living in the departure lounge’ of God’s airport he is advising Justice Karnan to withdraw every word he uttered humbly and seek pardon for ‘every stupid action’ he indulged in.

His tone in the letter is indeed harsh but he did not hold back in reminding Justice Karnan that in a corruption-riddled nation Judiciary is the only protection which should not be destroyed or weakened.

Read Ram Jethmalani’s letter to Justice Karnan:

Ram Jethmalani, Justice Karnan, lunatic charge, Dalit,

The lunatic charge and the method in the madness:

While everyone has lapped up the ‘lunatic’ charge on Justice Karnan, yet Ram Jethmalani was actually hinting on something serious. In February 2016, as the Madras High Court Judge, Justice Karnan stayed his own transfer to the Calcutta High Court.

His actions forced the Supreme Court to freeze his functioning as a judge.

Later, Justice Karnan wrote to the Chief Justice of India stating that he passed the erroneous order “due to his mental frustration resulting in loss of mental balance.”

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