Railways commends alert Loco Pilot who averted disaster and assistant who succumbed to injuries on duty

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The Ministry of Railways has commended two of its officers for discharging duties and also for preventing disaster.

On 06.05.2018 at 16.56 hrs,  D. L. Bramhe, Loco Pilot, Nagpur noticed smoke in Loco (SRC/WAP-4) of Train no. 12810 Howrah – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus between Talni – Dhamangaon. D. L. Bramhe, Loco Pilot, immediately applied emergency brakes and used the fire extinguisher to put off the fire, thereby saving a potential disaster of major scale and saving many lives. The train left for onward journey towards Mumbai with change in locomotive with no casualty or injury to any passengers. An inquiry at the highest level of Commissioner of Rail Safety (Central Circle) has been ordered in this case.

During the process, Assistant Loco Pilot S. K. Vishwakarma as per normal protocol was inspecting the loco and in the process he accidentally fell down from train. He was rushed to hospital by Ambulance immediately but lost his life.  Vishwakarma succumbed to his injuries while discharging his duties while saving lives of hundreds of passengers of the train and averted a major disaster. A condolence prayer was held at Nagpur and every other Division of Central Railway on unfortunate demise of Assistant Loco Pilot, Nagpur S. K. Vishwakarma.

In a statement Railways said:

The exemplary attitude, the presence of mind and dedication and devotion to duty of every railwaymen time and again sets an example for other colleagues.

We salute the spirit of every such Railwaymen for time and again proving this point, all for the cause of safety and secure transportation of our passengers. Indian Railways is truly the Lifeline of the Nation.

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