BJP wins UP, now Ram Mandir construction has Twitter abuzz!

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BJP’s win in Uttar Pradesh has made people hopeful that Ram Mandir may get constructed at the disputed Babri structure soon. While the discussions have been going on, like the comment by Siddharth Pai below, yet before the final verdict, it was just mere talk:

But now with a stupendous win, people are hoping to see resolution on key issues including Ram Mandir:

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, like always, is clear that for Hindu-Muslim amity, the Muslim leaders should accept to rebuild the Mosque across the Saryu river.

While KRK, only thought that it was just another opportunity to take a dig at political class:

While Ram Gopal Varma said that: I like SARKAR of  @SrBachchan better than @narendramodi ‘s SARKAR but luv the SARKARgiri of @narendramodi more becos of upcmng Ram mandir🙏

But some also decided to have their take in a humorous way:

And just like that many did not fail to highlight that the win had everything to do with Narendra Modi:

Many also felt that the situation is akin to Vanar sena building the sethu/bridge and it was up to Modi now, to materialize the cherished dream of a Ram Mandir.

Temple of Ram Lalla and renaming of cities was also being pondered upon by some:

But many were blunter; for them, this was a mandate with which BJP must push for the Ram Mandir.

Zakir Naik is hiding in this country?

Narendra Modi is the illustrious son that RSS needed and will be proud to have!