Congress accepted that partitioned India would be Hindu India: Swamy

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New Delhi, May 15, 2016: BJP leader Subramanian Swamy today said that the Congress had accepted that the partitioned India would be a ‘Hindu’ India, igniting an online debate over 1947.

In a tweet, that would surely give more sleepless nights to the Congress party which is already reeling under the recent charges of being an anti-Hindu party, Swamy wote that:

The British Parliament mandate via the 1947 Indian Independence Act & accepted by Congress then is: partitioned India would be “Hindu India.”

He also presented a strong case of a Hindu India when he wrote back to a person who said that India is not Saudi Arabia and that anyone with an Indian passport has a right to freedom of religion.

On this Subramanian Swamy shot back and said that: “only Hindus as majority allow minorities freedom of worship.”

When another query with regards to ‘secular’ credentials of USA came his way, Swamy questioned back: “Why did Jindal & others convert to Christianity to participate in politics? Why did Huntington define US as a Christian nation?”

Swamy further wrote: “The Constitution as adopted shows that India, that is Bharat, is a nation of Hindu cultural hegemony”

It is also important to note here that Subramanian Swamy has been relentless in his fight against the Congress party, which too has not done anything to fight these allegations back.

India was partitioned in 1947 as the Muslim League had stuck to the principle of two-nation theory which said that Hindus and Muslims were two-nations and hence, demanded that Muslims be given a separate country.

Many freedom fighters from Congress and other dominant players tried their best to dissuade the partition, but it only went bloody as the Muslim League refused to accept anything less and its force went out to violently carve Pakistan.

Eventually partitioned happened with millions killed, displaced and forcibly converted. However, while Pakistan became a Muslim country, India eventually chose the path of secularism under Congress, and today while Hindus and other minorities have been wiped out of Pakistan, minority Muslims remain content and happy in India.