Dalit families threaten to convert after denied installation of Goddess Kali idol

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Dalit families in Meerut’s Incholi are angry.

50 Dalit families are threatening to convert to some other religion after being allegedly told that they cannot install Goddess Kali idol in the village Temple by some other locals.

Rajkumar, a protester was quoted by the ANI news as telling that ‘We are Hindus, if we can’t put a goddess idol in a temple then where should we go? It is better to convert.’

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Protesters have alleged that they wanted to place an idol in the village Temple and they were stopped by other locals but the reason behind the refusal of the other locals has not come to light.

Ramchandra, ADM(E) Meerut has vowed to investigate the matter and said:

We will investigate the matter, I don’t know about the religious conversion demand, the matter will be resolved. BJP under Yogi Adityanath is in power in the Uttar Pradesh and Hindutva is its calling card.

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Navratri is a major Hindu festival which is celebrated across the Hindu society.  Therefore, the matter is likely to get due importance.

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