No change in the status quo in Doklam, India denies reports of China’s sneakiness

India has refuted reports that claimed that China has done some build-up in the area.

In response to media reports on the situation in Doklam purported to be made by a US Official, the Official Spokesperson said:

“The press reports attributing remarks on Doklam to a US official is incorrect. The reference to Doklam was made by Congresswoman Anne Wagner in the form of a question posed to the senior State Department Official Alice G. Wells. Ms Wells, in her reply, made no reference to the situation in Doklam and said that India is vigorously defending its northern borders and this is a subject of concern to India. I would reiterate that since the disengagement of Indian and Chinese border personnel in the Doklam area on 28 August 2017, there have been no new developments at the face-off site and its vicinity. The status quo prevails in this area.”

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Last year Doklam flare-up made international headlines as India and China came face to face over the build-up. Doklam is a part of Bhutan and India went to support the kingdom. Since the last flare-up many times reports have emerged that China is trying to sneak in however, India has denied any such claims and reports.

India’s engagement with Bhutan and the press statements released afterward also do not hint at the flare-up being discussed at all.

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USA is keenly watching the developments as it feels that it could blow-up with an assertive India and an aggressive China fighting over their sphere of influence in the region. The Chinese papers, the mouthpieces of the Communist regime, in the past, have already made an impassioned case for giving India a bloody nose.