Fatwa against Rohit Sardana?

रोहित सरदाना, Rohit Sardana, Fatwa against Zee news journalist

Rohit Sardana is no more just a journalist! He is actually a newsmaker and after his last debate on the Ram Mandir construction in which Babri Masjid Action Committee convenor Zafaryab Jilani and Mufti Manzoor Ziyayi who is the advisor of the Haji Ali Dargah Trust (Watch from 54.11) also participated, he had some strong words to say to those who were playing with Hindu sentiments.

Following this explosive debate, which only he seems to be capable of holding, there were rumors flying around that some 150 (or 140?) fatwas have been issued by Islamists against him. His friend Anuraag Muskaan was worried and he tweeted to Zee News journalist Rohit Sardana on the same, wondering if he was fine. Rohit Sardana told him not to worry as nothing like this has happened.

Earlier too he had asked people to not believe in hoax stories.

Everything is well, if the beloved Indian journalist is safe!

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