Giloy is safe to use, again says the Ministry of Ayush

New Delhi, October 10, 2021: Ministry of Ayush has again noticed safety concerns on use of Guduchi or Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) that were published in social media and in some scientific journals.

Ayush also issued advisory on October 5th 2021 and said that it is being issued to confirm that Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) is safe to use but some similar looking plants like Tinospora crispa may be harmful. Guduchi is a popularly known herb, familiar as Giloy, and is being used in therapeutics since long in AYUSH systems.

There are good number of studies published in peer reviewed indexed Journals to substantiate safety and efficacy of Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia). Its hepato-protective properties are also well established. Guduchi is known for its immense therapeutic applications and the practices are regulated in accordance with various applicable provisions.

It is observed that different species of Tinospora are available and only Tinospora cordifolia should be used in therapeutics, whereas similar looking species like Tinospora crispa may manifest adverse effects.

Below is the information about these plant species:

Plant part Tinospora cordifolia Tinospora crispa
  • Green in colour
  • Not having small rounded projections
  • No milky secretion
  • Greenish grey in colour
  • Having small rounded projections
  • milky secretion
  • heart shaped with

groovy notch at the base

  • heart shaped with no

groovy notch at the base


  • Six in number
  • Three in number
Drupes (Bunch of fruit)
  • Spherical or ball shaped
  • red in colour
  • Ellipsoid or rugby ball like shaped
  • Orange in colour


Thus, it is reiterated that Guduchi is a safe and effective Ayurveda medicine, however it is advisable to use it in consultation with a qualified, registered Ayush physician.

Green feathers meaning: Expect changes in the near future!

Ministry of Ayush also said that it has a well-established system of Pharmacovigilance (for reporting of suspected adverse drug reactions from Ayush medication), with its network spreading across all over India. If any suspected adverse event occurs after intake of Ayush medicine it may be reported to the nearby Pharmacovigilance centre through an Ayush physician. Further, it is advised to take Ayush medicine and treatment under supervision and consultation of a registered Ayush physician only.

    Please click here for guidelines issued by Ministry of Ayush