Indian Railways to run Special Parcel Trains for carriage of essential items in small parcel sizes

Indian Railways, freight loading, July 2022

To ensure an uninterrupted and seamless supply chain of goods and essential commodities in the wake of COVID-19, Indian Railways is offering its unhindered services of Parcel Trains for nationwide transportation of essential commodities and other goods required to meet the needs of citizens of the nation.

Transportation of essential items like medical supplies, medical equipment, food, etc in small parcel sizes is going to be very important during the lockdown in the wake of COVID19. In order to fill in this vital need, Indian Railways has made railway parcel vans available for quick mass transportation across the nation for the needy E Commerce entities and other customers including State governments to transport such goods. It may be noted that Ministry of Home Affairs has already removed the restrictions on movement of goods and commodities in the country during the lock down period. Provision of Parcel trains and rapid transportation of goods will further bolster the efficiency of supply chains. The decision to run Special Parcel Trains will help in movement of small quantities as well of essential items viz. Dairy Products, Medical Equipments and Medicines, Groceries, Edible oil and other necessary items etc.

Indian Railways is already transporting essential commodities to different parts of the country through freight trains. While these freight operations of Railways are meeting the needs of bulk transportation of essential goods like foodgrains, edible oil, salt, sugar, coal, cement, milk, vegetables & fruits etc, there are various items that need to be delivered in comparatively smaller quantities. After flights, Railways remain the fastest mode of inter state transportation for such goods.

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