Kiren Rijiju: Don’t hide behind freedom of expression

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BJP leader Kiren Rijiju has taken to task the ‘Jaichand’ who try to break India. In a straightforward statement, he said that nobody has the absolute right to define nationalism but anybody who wants to break India, supports Afzal Guru & terrorists is anti-national.

He also shared his message which said that a handful of Britishers ruled India for centuries and a handful of thugs were able to defeat Indian rulers not because Indians were weak but because there was always a Jaichand.

Kiren Rijiju: India’s integrity comes first

Kiren Rijiju was hinting at the Ramjas brawl where the azadi slogans were heard again leading to a full-fledged brawl between students of ABVP and students of AISA leading to total anarchy on road. But Kiren Rijiju is worried about students who fantasize breaking up of India.

Comparing such ‘students’ with people of Arunachal Pradesh he also said that he was born in a border village which was under occupation of China for a few days. Kiren’s note further says that ‘I grew up with the pledge to defend India as every Arunachalee is doing.’

He also wondered that if India does not stay united as a strong country then what is the meaning of freedom?

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