Do love jihad, no one can stop you: Muslim leader

Love Jihad, wikileaks, India, MIM, Muslim leader, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Romeo Jihad

Politics on love jihad is still going on. In a news report by MIM West Uttar Pradesh spokesman Shadab Chauhan stoked controversy when he said that Muslims should do love jihad.

He said:

“I appeal to Muslims to do love jihad. No one can stop you.’

He also slammed BJP leader Raja Singh for threatening him with beheading.

Love Jihad, wikileaks, India, MIM, Muslim leader, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Romeo Jihad
Muslim leader Shadab

Muslim leader Shadab then also said that if illegal construction of Ram Mandir ever takes place then he will oppose it. He challenged the BJP leaders who give such statements and said that if they had guts then fight him alone.

Love jihad is a serious issue and this charge is levied by Hindu and Christian leaders against Muslims who they say convert the girls to Islam after luring them with love.

Recently, a mahapanchayat, in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan decided to boycott Muslims of Gudia village after a Muslim man eloped with a Hindu woman.

In your religion, one woman has 5 husbands

The local Police confirmed the incident and said that a 21-year-old Hindu woman from Khara Khera village eloped with a Muslim boy on March 13.

But love jihad isn’t just a Hindu problem

On 25 June, 2012, Oommen Chandy, then chief minister of Kerala, tabled some numbers in the state Legislature. He said:

– 7,713 people converted to Islam between 2006 and 2012.
– 2,195 Hindu women converted to Islam between 2009 and 2012
– 492 Christian women converted to Islam during 2009-2012

Love Jihad became an international issue when WikiLeaks published a report by United States diplomats.

The report underscored that ‘Both Hindu and Christian groups have expressed fear and outrage at the plot, while Muslim groups have felt the need to defend their co-religionists against the conspiracy theorists. The Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council had reported that there had been 2,868 female victims of love jihad in Kerala between 2006 and 2009. The panel had made several recommendations to parents through its newsletter, including a recommendation to monitor children’s cell-phones and computers, so that they can be better prepared to fight the phenomenon and resist charming young Muslim men involved in the scheme.’

Even the Kerala high court had a look at the matter and told the police to investigate the cases of two college-going girls, who were allegedly forced to convert to Islam after marrying Muslim men.

The report says: “On September 29, 2009, Kerala’s High Court issued an order for police to investigate the cases of two college-aged girls allegedly forced to convert to Islam after marrying Muslim men. Stories spread of an organized plan by groups of Muslim men to get Hindu and Christian women to fall in love with them.”

Reports alleged that the men were given allowances by unidentified (but ostensibly foreign) sources to woo the women, marry them, and subsequently force them to convert. Therefore, politicians need to tread with caution on love jihad and be sensitive while giving statements.

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