Mamata Banerjee hits out at BJP, says we need no lessons on Hinduism

Nandigram, attack, Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee is unhappy.

The West Bengal Chief Minister spoke at length on Hindutva and on the ‘political party ruling at the center’and how her views are being misinterpreted. She, however, refrained from naming BJP.

Mamata Banerjee then said that I want to share amongst all my friends, Facebook lovers, social media lovers and also those who are not my supporters, that in the recent past and also in the recent days, one section of religious group, belonging to a political party ruling at the Centre and also in the name of their sister organizations and others (either in their real names or fictitious names – আসল নামে ও বেনামে – असली नाम या बेनाम) are distorting my views, opinions, sayings and thus misleading people with my photos through some fake accounts.

Slamming this ‘distortion’ by ‘Hindu Zealots’ Mamata Banerjee said:

I strongly condemn such scandalous activities by the so-called Hindu Zealots. This type of communal forces, with their political vendetta, is maligning people. The members of minority communities, SC, ST, OBC, backward communities, general class, and women are not being spared. I am sorry to say that the current situation is a horrifying signal of dark future of our country in their hands.

Hitting her opponents West Bengal Chief Minister  Mamata Banerjee  said:

They cannot fight the battle politically and also on the developmental front with me. So they are launching a personal attack and using hate-campaign through social media. Those are sponsored by various persons and organizations.
But these are not the reality. One cannot fool all people all the time. Ultimately, the truth will prevail everywhere.
I observe so many things on Hindutva (হিন্দুত্ব) in their campaign. We do not need to take lessons on Hinduism from them. Hinduism is universal and it teaches us religious tolerance. Hindu religion is not the monopoly of the so-called Hindus. We are proud of Hindu religion and all religions as well. We believe in mutual respect of each other, which is the basic tenet of the human world. We believe in secularism and democratic traditions. Our sacred Constitution enunciated by Ambedkar Ji is our Rakshakabach (রক্ষাকবচ).

Mamata Banerjee also played the nationalism card and asked people to not fall prey to gossip:

Our life is dedicated to the motherland and to the people. We will not bow down before their hate-campaign. We do not believe in divide and rule policy. Unity is our strength. Please do not believe in rumors or gossips. My official Facebook and Twitter are already available, and whenever I need to convey anything, I meet the Press also. Our fight will continue and let us join hands together against this hate and malicious political campaign.

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