Manipur CM talks tough, slams Greater Nagaland talk

Manipur CM N Biren Singh took a strong stance against talks of Greater Nagaland which angered many in the North East part of India.

Yesterday, the government of India had issued a clarification on the Nagalim or Greater Nagaland and said:

Some media reports have appeared recently to the effect that the Govt. of India has agreed to carve out a Greater Nagaland State by taking away the territories of the states contiguous to Nagaland. Such reports are erroneous. It is clarified that there is no such agreement or decision of the Govt. of India.

We had earlier reported that Thuingaleng Muivah who is the General Secretary, NSCN-IM (a Naga insurgent group) was recently quoted as having stated that the ‘Framework Agreement’ signed with the Centre 2 years back also recognised its group’s demand for territorial integration of all Naga inhabited areas in the region.

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This would also mean some part of other states like Manipur where recently BJP came to power under its Chief Minister N Biren Singh,  BJP ruled Assam, BJP ruled Arunachal Pradesh and a large tract of western Myanmar adjoining India.

But now with the Manipur CM lambasting any rumors, the matter settles once for all.

In a strongly worded statement, the Manipur CM N Biren Singh said that the territorial integrity of the State will be protected at any cost and not a piece of land of the State will be compromised by the Government.

While the Chief Minister refrained from naming Greater Nagaland/Nagalim, yet he has made his stance clear:

In the morning, the Chief Minister of Manipur had left for New Delhi to meet other party leaders:

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