You may not be able to watch NDTV India for 24 hours! Here is why!

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NDTV India is a premier Indian news channel but often it has been surrounded by controversies. The latest one is that NDTV India may not be accessible to its viewers for no less than 24-hours and the reason is indeed worrisome!

The channel will be taken off air for one full day on November 9 1pm to November 10 1pm as an inter-ministerial committee found that the channel violated broadcast norms during its sensational reporting on the Pathankot terror attack that shook the nation in January.

The ministry of information and broadcasting announced its findings and its decision on Thursday after the inter-ministerial committee found that the channel gave out strategically-sensitive details of the air base while reporting from the spot during the terror attack on January 2.

NDTV India came under the weather when Col NR Kurup spoke out

NDTV India became a target of netizens after Colonel NR Kurup openly lambasted the channel for its reporting.


After his openly speaking like this many people got angry and demanded an inquiry. But none knew that this would happen after such a long time. What do you think on the issue? Is the punishment too harsh? Or should the journalists and channels be allowed to do reporting without being interfered with?

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