Suresh Prabhu flags off locomotive with vacuum, bio toilet

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New Delhi, May 6, 2016: Indian railways have turned over a new leaf under Suresh Prabhu and is busy putting everything in order for the benefit for the travellers.

Suresh Prabhu is at the forefront for bringing smiles and relief to the water-starved Latur and getting all applause for his work.

And now to cater to the needs of loco-pilots, Minister for Railways, Suresh Prabhu flagged off the first Diesel Locomotive with toilet facility at a ceremony held at Delhi Safdarjung Railway station. In short, he wants to win hearts again.

Indian Railways have mostly the old system of toilets that uses a lot of water and therefore, this move of the railways is bound to be of great relief.

While flagging off the train Suresh Prabhu had the company of Minister of State for Railways, Manoj Sinha who was the distinguished guest on the occasion.

So what’s new?

Well! As per the information provided by the Suresh Prabhu led Railway Ministry, the WDG4D-70486, manufactured by DLW (IR) in April 2016 is the first Dual cab high-horse power (4500 HP) freight locomotive provided with toilet facility onboard for the crew. The state-of-art toilet facility provided on this locomotive has latest technology based Vacuum type toilet module, similar to that provided in aircrafts, married with the bio-digester technology for sewage treatment onboard.

And what is the biggest advantage?

The advantage of a vacuum toilet module is that it uses only 250 ml of water as compared to 8 to 10 litres used per flush in conventional toilets. The system provided is self-sustaining and does not require periodic evacuation of sewage from the retention tank. The modular cabin has ventilation fans, lights, wash basin, support handle, indicators, proximity sensors, door opening and emergency exit switches. Considering the typical safety implications of crew using toilet on run, proper safety interlocks have been inbuilt into the system. The micro-processor based toilet controller communicates with the main locomotive controller and enables use of toilet only when the locomotive is stationary and loco brakes are in applied condition.

While the toilet cabin is occupied (as sensed by the proximity sensors), the locomotive power train is disabled and it cannot be powered up. The entrance to the toilet cabin is from inside the rear crew cabin. Considering the space constraint on the locomotive platform, DLW (IR) has used motor driven oil free air compressors on this locomotive for the first time. This is again advancement over the existing engine driven air compressors as it is more energy efficient technology and is also environment friendly.

But what about the odours?

As per the Suresh Prabhu led Railways, the Microprocessor Based Vacuum Toilet fitted on the High Horse Power Locomotive is the first of its kind with Biodigester System. The Toilet System has Toilet Cabin, Bio-digester and a Water Tank. The Vacuum Toilet assembly is designed to transport human waste from the toilet bowl to a waste tank or sewage tank. A pneumatic vacuum is used and the toilet system is installed above the bio-digester. The system has an advanced electronic control panel with a wide range of alarm, control and indication functions.

The pneumatic system will effectively prevent odours that are emitted by Bio-digester.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister Suresh Prabhu stated that loco-pilots are a respected and valued front-line safety category of the Indian Railways and the Railways assigns highest importance to all its frontline employees through consistent endeavours to provide better facilities from time to time.

Indian railways under Suresh Prabhu are also gearing up for the bullet train project that promises to change the way India travels and bring the much needed technological revolution.