An abused dog needs justice, as do many other animals

Animal Abuse India

A video has surfaced online which shows a dog crucified and pelted with slippers while it tries helplessly to escape the brutal assault.

While no other details have come to light, it is important for animal rights groups to file a complaint and also ensure that the culprits have been nabbed and get duly punished.

Cruelty against the animals is not new; the society at large accepts and silently abets the crimes against these living beings.

Some animals like cows and goats are slaughtered for their meat after they are past their age and cannot provide any more milk for the human species.

Same is the fate of hens, cannot produce any more eggs? No problem, we can have your flesh!

Dogs and cats too, who otherwise are considered to be ‘friends’ of the human species and are not slaughtered in most parts of the world for their flesh, too have to bear everyday abuse at the hands of, well, again the humans for their fur and for fun too.

But let us come back to the topic, why does the cruelty against animals need to become a topic of everyday discussions?

Just have a look at this video again, and ask, will those who abuse voiceless animals refrain from abusing weaker human beings whom they feel that they could exploit without getting punished?

It is true that animal activists cannot protect every animal on streets, nor is every human out to hurt the animals, but what the activists can do is get the law enforcement agencies to nab the criminals and get them punished.

That ways those who go out to torture animals, any animal, for fun or pleasure, will think twice.

The crucified dog needs justice, but not only for himself but for all the animals who have to undergo pain because of humans. Let us help him.