Century old Hindu Temple demolished in Port Shepstone

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New Delhi, September 4, 2020: A 105-year-old Hindu Temple named Muthu Mariamman Kovil was demolished by a businessman last week who wanted the land to build a shopping complex.

The Temple which stood in Port Shepstone, South Africa, had come into existence in 1915 and was built by a South African Hindu family.

While some of the statues of Hindu Gods were recovered successfully by the devotees, many statues were damaged in the process.

South Africa Hindu Mahasabha has condemned the incident.

Another Hindu Temple Shri Angarispree Temple was also demolished.

The Hindus were willing to buy back the land but before a negotiation could take place, demolition occurred.

Here is the other side of the story:

Vanessa Pillay granddaughter of Yankama Munusamy, the builder of the Temple, has launched a petition seeking help in rebuilding the Temple.

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She also asserted that her uneducated grandmother Yankama Munusamy suffered fraud due to which she unknowingly passed the rights of the land where the Temple stood to a person. Munusamy later went to the Durban court against this fraud but she lost.

Vanessa says that her uneducated and gullible grandmother used to buy groceries from a person and used to provide her thumbprint after every transaction. During one of these purchases, in 1957, she was given a document by the shop owner and unbeknown to her she handed over the rights to her land as she gave her thumb impression.

To help Vanessa rebuild the Temple, sign here.

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By Namta Gupta