Mauritius: Hindu Temple attacked, fingers point to a politician

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By Namta Gupta

Attacks on Hindu Temples are happening at an alarming pace in otherwise Hindu-majority Mauritius.

On April 23rd, 2020, at Port Louis’ Valley Pitot, another Hindu Temple came under attack.

The use of the Molotov cocktail to set fire to the Hindu Temple sets a dangerous precedent in the otherwise happy and picturesque country.

A Hindu leader, on the condition of anonymity, pointed fingers at Cehl Meah, a Muslim leader, for orchestrating the attack, suggesting that this was done to scare away from the Hindus from Port Louis.

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A father and his three sons have been arrested by the police in connection with this recent attack.

            A Divisive Figure

In a video, procured by, Cehl Meah can be seen speaking to a ‘Unit’ that he had formed. The said group can be seen holding the terrorist group, Islamic State’s flags while doing a demonstration. The Muslim leader can be seen telling the unit that ‘we are united here at Plaine Verte for this small demonstration by the Grace and Discipline provided by Allah.’

There have been spates of violent attacks on Hindu temples. On one Shivaratri, another Mauritian had apprised us of an incident in which cold drinks donated to Hindus, were found spiked with alcohol and with even lethal doses of pesticides.

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Lack of proper police investigation in the increasing cases of Hindu Temple desecrations has been blamed over the rising instances.

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