UAE: Three Hindus fired from jobs, after support to CAA and ‘insult’ to Islam

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By Namta Gupta

Three Hindus lost their job in Gulf, over allegations of insult to Islam, after a campaign by Indian Muslims on social media.

In March this year, first it was just chef Trilok Singh who was sacked for backing Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 after he ran into an argument with an anti-CAA activist. Following the heated exchange, he was fired.

This time three more have joined him.

Chef Rawat Rohit, a storekeeper named Sachin Kinnigoli, and a cashier have been sacked, reported Gulf News.

Transguard group handed one of their Hindu employees to the police accusing him of digressing from the company’s policy. In a statement with regards to an employee posting something deemed offensive to Muslims, it said:

Following an internal investigation, the employee responsible for posting these inflammatory comments under a false name has been identified, terminated, and handed over to the authorities as per the strict zero-tolerance social media policy of the Transguard Group.

Delhi riots are partly to blame for the problems that the Indians, particularly the Hindu expats, are facing now.

Pakistani propagandists used the opportunity to paint India similar to what it itself is and stands for.

The Hinduphobia, fake news and posts peddled by Pakistan went as far as the USA and even Tulsi Gabbard had to speak out on it.

But it seems our people in power did not pay heed to the information war being waged against the Hindu majority of India.

In 1947, Hinduphobia was spread to divide India and now the same situation is being repeated endangering the lives and livelihood of many both in India and in the Gulf.

Even in neighboring Afghanistan and Bangladesh, Hindus are bearing hate due to Pakistani propaganda which I have personally documented.

The Asamai Temple was attacked in Afghanistan while a Sikh man’s goods were thrown away in hate crimes by Afghan Muslims protesting the Delhi riots.

In Bangladesh, a missionary told the Hindus that they are providing foor to Hindus despite Muslim persecution in India.

Gulf is a friend, Indian government must fight this information war

It is high time that those who spread hate and fake news against Hindus in India be dealt with the law at least now when it is likely to harm diplomatic ties.

Indian Hindus reacting to Pakistani propaganda instead of reporting to the police are doing a great disservice to the cause of Indo-Gulf ties in which governments after governments of India have invested so much and so have the Gulf governments.

Similarly, Gulf must also warn those who are provoking non-Muslim Indian expats and take steps on this with immediate effect.

Respect for religion should not be and cannot be a one-way street and I am sure we all can agree on that and it is for sure in the diplomatic interest of both the Gulf and India.

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