India condemns ‘unwarranted’ comments of UN Resident Coordinator on violence against women

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New Delhi, October 6, 2020: The Ministry of External Affairs on Monday reacted strongly to the remarks by UN Resident Coordinator in India on violence against women.

The Official Spokesperson, Anurag Srivastava said

“Some unwarranted comments have been made by the UN Resident Coordinator regarding some recent cases of violence against women. UN Resident Coordinator in India should be aware that these cases have been taken extremely seriously by the government. Since the investigation process is still underway, any unnecessary comments by an external agency are best avoided. The Constitution guarantees equality to all citizens of India. As a democracy, we have a time-tested record of providing justice to all sections of our society.”

In a statement, the UN in India said it is essential that authorities ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice speedily and families are empowered to seek timely justice, social support, counseling, healthcare and rehabilitation. It had also said that the alleged rape and murder in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras and Balarampur are a reminder that those from disadvantaged social groups are at greater risk of gender-based violence.

“The recent cases of alleged rape and murder in Hathras and Balarampur are another reminder that despite the impressive progress made on a number of social indicators, women and girls from disadvantaged social groups face additional vulnerabilities and are at greater risk of gender-based violence.”

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