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GOBARdhan Initiative Begins Reaping Good Results

New Delhi, August 01, 2023: The GOBARdhan initiative of the Union Government which aims to transform “Waste to Wealth” using a “Whole of Government” approach has started stimulating investments and reaping good results by creating a nurturing ecosystem for Compressed Biogas (CBG)/Biogas through a slew of policy enablers and attractive benefits. The Unified Registration Portal […]

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Technology to enhance biogas production of Fat-rich sludge from dairy industry developed

New Delhi, October 2, 2021:  Indian Scientists have developed a novel high-performance bioreactor system integrated with sustainable pre-treatment process for enabling anaerobic digestion of complex fat-rich sludge from dairy industry. It has been further integrated with membrane bioreactor based-wastewater treatment to enable zero liquid discharge in the dairy industry. This technology has been developed by […]