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Prime Minister of Singapore leads Hindu Temple ceremony which also has an Indian connection! (Pics)

Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore led close to 40,000 devotees and four ministers at a 164-year-old Hindu Temple’s reconsecration ceremony yesterday. The Temple was undergoing SGD 4.5 million restoration work. The water used in the holy ceremony was ought from nine holy rivers in India and brought to Singapore. Prime Minister was effusive […]

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Hindu temple planned for London Borough of Croydon

A Hindu temple and cultural center has been proposed for Croydon area of Greater London. When ready, it plans to open daily from eight am to nine pm, conduct three main poojas every day and organize various festivals regularly; including Navarathiri, Kandha Shasti, Tamil New Year, Varalakshmi Viratham, Diwali, Kethara Gowri Viratha Pooja, etc. According […]

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Pakistani Hindus face eviction in Mehmoodabad

Pakistani Hindus have been facing harrowing time as they fight land sharks on one hand and forced conversion of their children and women on the other hand. The News International, a Pakistani newspaper, has reported that Basti Guru Bagh, Mehmoodabad, has some Hindu families living in abysmal conditions but now even this may not last […]