Climate change likely to increase rough wave days in Indian Ocean, northern sector of Arabian Sea, & central Bay of Bengal

New Delhi, December 19, 2022: A recent study of extreme wave events shows that Indian Ocean, northern sector of Arabian Sea, and central Bay of Bengal are likely to experience an increase in rough wave days in the near future. It could help timely warning and planning to prevent major impacts on life and property, especially […]

Unraveling tectonic evolution of Greater Maldive Ridge in western Indian Ocean can reconstruct Gondwanaland break up and dispersal

New Delhi, March 04, 2022: In a recent study, an Indian researcher traced the tectonic evolution and the nature of the Greater Maldive Ridge (GMR) — a very crucial geodynamic features in the western Indian Ocean whose origin has been the centre of many a scientific debate. The study can help reconstruct the original Gondwanaland […]