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Israel India bhai-bhai moment is coming!

Israel is a friend, in one quick stroke, India has legitimized, appreciated and shown respect to this nation which was due for a very long time. India has officially shunned its shy approach when it came to embracing Israel under the new Indian regime. At the invitation of President Pranab Mukherjee, Reuven Rivlin, President of […]

Chinese transgressions into India: Let’s be careful

Manohar Parrikar categorically denied that any incident of transgressions on behalf of the Chinese troops into Barahoti of Uttarakhand did not take place. To quote him, well it did not take place ‘exactly as reported.’ He reasoned that the Indo-China border has not been formally demarcated and there are areas where both sides patrol up […]

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जापान की रथ यात्रा देखी है कभी? (वीडियो)

जापान और भारत के संबंध बेहद अच्छे हैं, इसमें कोई शक की बात नहीं है| जापान के लोगों को भारत में बहुत प्यार और सम्मान मिलता है और भारतीयों को भी जापान के लोग पूर्ण आदर और सम्मान देते हैं| भारत के लोग उन कुछ लोगों में से हैं जिनको जापानी अपने बेहद करीब मानते […]

Kimono Comes to New York Fashion Week!

New York, February2, 2016: A fashion show featuring authentic Kimono is presented by Hiromi Asai at the Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station (360 West 33rd St, New York, NY) at 1pm on February 16, 2016.Hiromi Asai Fall/Winter 2016 Women’s Collection is the world’s first Kimono fashion show at New York Fashion Week. The details can […]