Multi-faith clergy to hold candlelight vigil to pray for peace in Eastern Europe

New Delhi, March 05, 2022: Christian-Muslim-Hindu-Buddhist-Jewish-Baha’i-Pagan religious leaders of northwestern Nevada will unite in a candlelight vigil and pray together in Reno on March six, seeking peaceful resolution of violent armed conflict in Eastern Europe. Being jointly coordinated by Saint Catherine of Siena Episcopal Church Rector the Reverend Thomas W. Blake and distinguished Hindu statesman […]

Rajan Zed,Chief's Commendation Award, Reno Police

Multi-faith religious leaders holding candlelight vigil to honor Nevadans who died homeless in 2021

New Delhi, February 20, 2022: In a remarkable interfaith gesture, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Baha’i religious leaders of the area are joining together to remember homeless Nevadans who died in 2021. Besides lighting candles in memory of Nevadans who lost their lives while homeless, some from exposure to the elements, religious leaders plan to […]

Multi-faith clergy coalition urges Louis Vuitton to walk away from fur

New Delhi, December 16, 2021: In a remarkable interfaith gesture; a group of Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish leaders is urging luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton to stop using animal fur in its clothing and other products; showing its commitment to ethical choices, animal welfare and compassionate fashion. Staying true to the “Value” of its parent Moët […]

Toyota Tundra, Super Bowl, halftime commercial ,We're All One Team,Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Rajan Zed, Hindus, Hinduism

Toyota Tundra Super Bowl ad ignores Hinduism, irks Hindus

Toyota Tundra Super Bowl halftime commercial “We’re All One Team”, apparently attempting to show unity of world religions, for failure to include representation of Hinduism, world’s third largest religion. This commercial; in Toyota Tundra Super Bowl LII football championship played in Minneapolis on February four; depicts Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish religious figures. How could you […]