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Sona Mohapatra accused of insulting Islam, Javed Akhtar slams the reactionary organizations

Javed Akhtar slammed regressive and reactionary organizations who are threatening Sona Mohapatra for making a music video of an Amir Khusrau song. He said that these ‘mullahs should know that Amir Khusrau belongs to every Indian’ and that Khusro is not ‘your property’. In strongest possible words I condemn those regressive and reactionary organisations who […]

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Toyota Tundra Super Bowl ad ignores Hinduism, irks Hindus

Toyota Tundra Super Bowl halftime commercial “We’re All One Team”, apparently attempting to show unity of world religions, for failure to include representation of Hinduism, world’s third largest religion. This commercial; in Toyota Tundra Super Bowl LII football championship played in Minneapolis on February four; depicts Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish religious figures. How could you […]