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Hindus ask S. Dakota schools include comparative religion to develop globally competent students

New Delhi, September 18, 2022: Hindus are emphasizing that proposed Social Studies Standards for South Dakota classrooms should include comparative religion; if the state government is genuinely interested in developing well-nurtured, well-balanced, and enlightened global citizens of tomorrow. Although the Proposed South Dakota Social Studies Standards, published on August 15, claimed that South Dakota children deserved sound skills […]

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Hindus support SD Governor Noem’s school prayer idea as long as it includes Hindu mantras

New Delhi, September 25, 2021: Hindus like the idea of prayer in schools as long as it includes the prayers of diverse religions and denominations practiced in South Dakota and the nation and the expression of non-believers. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem reportedly recently seemed to be pushing the idea of prayer in schools. Talking about […]

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Dakota to have their first Hindu temple soon

A Hindu temple is planned to open soon in the Tea suburb of South Dakota’s largest city Sioux Falls, which is claimed to be the “first Hindu temple in the Dakotas”. North Dakota and South Dakota, states in the Great Plains region of USA, are spread out in about 147,814 square miles area. There is […]